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Default Re: GTX570 pretty loud?

Well, a little follow up here. Bought a new case (Fractal Design R3), did a very nice job with cable management (even if I say so myself), got a 120mm intake fan in the front, a 140mm at the side blowing on the GPU and a 120mm outtake fan. Temps for the GTX570 under load have dropped about 10C. But it still is too loud for my tastes, and hot (getting around 80C when playing about an hour of LOTRO).

When I put my hand at the back of the case where the card is, VERY hot air is pumped out there. So my guess the cooler inside of the case (clearly visible by the cpu temps) isn't exactly that much of a help.

Normal? If so, then I think I'll be getting an Accelero to get the noise and temp down.
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