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Default Re: vdpau slowness with 260.19.06

Originally Posted by crisalide View Post
Make sur you selected a deinterlace method that your GPU can handle (yours is not able to run temporal_spatial on 1080 material)
i have tried them _all_
bob, temporal, half temporal, temporal and all variations thereof
with many different settings on buffers, inverse telecines, priorities... all that jazz.

more and more i read forums and with help like yours i am more and more convinced it is a bug in xine-lib? doubt its the UI.

Are you sure that your xine binary have VDAPU decoding capability?
i tried running xine without vdpau and my poor dual core cant keep up.

Did you tried newest SVN MPlayer for satellite stream dumping?
yeah, sadly, mplayer does fine...
but there is no plugin for vdr <-> mplayer there is for xine.
the sat channels, when streamed to my windows pc also are decoded without any failures, stutters or video jumps.

Did you compiled it yourself with VDPAU patch or you use Ubuntu supplied one.
xine now has vdpau integrated with its source... so yes.

i initially used yavdr ( which had everything precompiled for me.... having had similar issues with yavdr, i went the ubuntu way and did everything from source.

xine works just as good (or .. bad?) from ubuntu packages as it does from my compiled sources.

the bad part about xine is a lack of support forums, and just a mailing list really.
my gdb skills arent sufficient to properly debug xine as their site suggests to do.
all i can see it doing with highest 'verbosity' setting is 'video jump'

appreciate your questions folks, i didnt mean to derail this thread.
i think my fears about nvidia driver slowness were misplaced.
all signs are pointing at xine.
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