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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Ha Guys

Whoo very nice shots there mark love the Genx ones the enchanced shadows do seem to have a major impact with a 5m mesh to help them out,i'll have a look at testing a few more photoscenerys over the next week should be fun to see the changes

Im scared to think what Nubee will show us once he gets his system sorted and ready for testing...if i have the money id put you guys on payroll as promo staff hehe

Anyhows i dont think i'll be to long from shopping a final version of Shade to a few sites just awaitting some feedbcak from various testers on the Darkest preset,and have a few gui gfx's to put inplace

Heres a few shots from another tester at some Heavy Metal altitudes (GEX+FSX dreamscape 5m mesh im told) looks pretty good tome!

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