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Default Re: What OS is better.

I voted for iOS for two reasons:

1) Apps. iOS is king of apps right now and there is no denying it. Android is second best but they still have a ways to catch up.

2) Speed. I bought my Droid in 2010 when Froyo was about to come out and I loved the speed of Android. However Froyo ruined that for me. My phone became extremely slow after a few days of use. This forced me to root my phone and try out a custom ROM, which in a way I'm really glad it happened. I put UltimateDroid on my D1 and it's faster now than stock. But I really shouldn't have to do this and technically void my warranty to get the speed I want out of my phone.

After checking out my co-workers VZW iPhone 4, downloading and running apps like a madman, it never once slowed down or goofed up on me. I'm heavily debating on getting an iPhone next year when my contract runs up. We will just have to see what the Android army has to come up with between now and then.
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