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Default Re: Flash acceleration on Linux?

Guys, Google Chrome has a bundled plugin (r154) that seemingly has hardware acceleration disabled and cannot be enabled by the mms.cfg file.

This is a good thing because on vdpau capable cards the 10.2 152 plugin version leads to display corruption regardless if you enable or disable hardware acceleration.
On some sites (youtube) you do get hardware decoding for HD content with the 152, but many sites have problem with this new plugin if hardware decoding is enabled. So this version creates more problems than it solves in this form.

If you want the 152 version with hardware decoding in Google Chrome, download it from Adobes site, put it in the $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/ folder, disable the built in plugin in Chrome and restart the browser (you will need the mms.cfg file modification too).

BTW you can use the r154 from Google Chrome in any browser, just link the /opt/google/chrome/ file to ~/.mozilla/plugins/ folder.
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