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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey SlaWter

Thx man cant wait to see a multimon vid/screens of shade in action!

One more shot from same tester (im trying to get him to join but he's a bit FSX oap and does'nt get IMG tags) this one of monument valley at dusk (rex sky with ENB i think),and ive made a little logo to test what do you guys think?

The above mesh in the above 3 shots is by FS dreamscapes Nextmap promesh....dont have them myself but they look very cool,IMO default monument vally looks like a rocky blob compared to there mesh,hands down there's the best meshes ive seen in FSX,

Gonna have to pay a vist and see if they want to cross promo hehe

Chatted with Mark about this and SHADE's acronym is going tobe

Shadow Atmospheric Definition Enhancement

because it seems the FSX crowd look a good acronym

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