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Default Re: LG TV no video when no audio; when audio active, video works

Stephen, yes straight from my Myth box to the LG fails the same way. It's just less convenient to test because you need some other way to control the myth box than through the HDMI port! (It looks like the Nvidia card uses the EDID for the TV it finds first on the splitter and the result shows in the NVidia Control panel. I was able to try it so it finds the LG first and the Panasonic first. Both resulted in the Panasonic working and the LG only working when audio was playing.)

And yes, I had tried the 270.18 before posting. (It should have occurred to me to do the report with the latest installed but I started with the latest and worked backward only doing the report when I realized the fix was not something I could do myself.)

Thanks for looking into it. And if you come up with anything you want me to test, my Myth box is available for testing - it's not my primary Myth box so breaking it isn't a big deal! Hopefully you can get ahold of an LG TV that shows the symptoms.

And thanks to everyone else for sharing your issues too.
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