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Default Re: PS3 firmware 3.56 allegedly includes rootkit

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yes and no I guess. The hardware isn't physically changed but since the firmware essentially determines how the hardware can be accessed, it is changing it to a degree.

Your point is what I was trying to say, though. On PSN, Sony has free reign, much like MS on XBL. But offline, they should not be controlling how you use your hardware. Software purchases are licenses, hardware purchases are physical ownership. The user should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want to to that hardware.
Agreed so what Sony should do is if they know someone is running a hacked unit is remove the OS and all the software from the PS3. Just erase the bios... no hardware is modified, they just lose all software rights, no games, no bluray, no PS3 OS.
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