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Default Re: Which to get: GTX 570 ($310) or 6950 ($250)?

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
There are many games (Crysis, Metro, GTA, etc), mods and texture packs that would make good use of that memory. It might not effect fps too much overall but it does reduce texture swapping in fast moving scenes.
OK that's a good theory, but this still isn't proof the 6950 would be better to have in these situations.

And what about these hypothetical situations? "maybe you could turn up the the AA high enough to find a setting where the 6950 would be better to have?" or "there are some game mods out there that might make a 6950 better to have"?

This stuff is supposed to outweigh:

1. Total dominance by the 570>6950 at the 8XAA benches at 19X10 I linked to
2. Possibility to use 3d Vision
3. Ability to use PhysX
4. Ability to force ambient occlusion
5. Games launching with NVIDIA specific features like the AA in BatmanAA and the water in Just Cause II
6. CUDA apps
7. Folding superiority

All I see on the ATi side is:
1. Single card Eyefinity (not in play here, and I guarantee you a 6950 isn't a 1080P Eyefinity solution)
2. You might be able to find some setting or mod where that memory would come in handy.

Seems like a very long way from the above to "6950 all the way!".
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