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Default Re: Which to get: GTX 570 ($310) or 6950 ($250)?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
This stuff is supposed to outweigh:

1. Total dominance by the 570>6950 at the 8XAA benches at 19X10 I linked to
There are known problems in some of those games with 8xAA specifically. You just picked the one which made the 6950 look bad when it's probable it'll be fixed with a driver

2. Possibility to use 3d Vision
Personal preference, but I'm not keen.

3. Ability to use PhysX
See sig

4. Ability to force ambient occlusion
Fair enough

5. Games launching with NVIDIA specific features like the AA in BatmanAA and the water in Just Cause II
That's the devs fault, not ATi's. TBH I hadn't noticed the lack of AA in Batman and JC2 is crap

6. CUDA apps
Which ones might your average gamer use?

7. Folding superiority
Fair enough, if you fold
I see you also ignored my comments about ATi AA doing a better job and the colours being better.

At the end of the day, if you fold, want 3D or if you want PhysX but don't want to run the GenL mod, nV is the obvious choice. But if like me you don't want 3D and don't need Cuda, the 6950 is better value.

Also, keep in mind that my gfx card history is; 6800GT, 7900GTX, 8800GTS SLI, 8800GT SLI, 260GTX SLI, 5850 CF
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