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Just got NOLF2 today, and its a beautiful thing to see, was never really infavor of the LITHTECH engine but they seem to have done it some justice here.
I went through the setup options and there is an option to test your current configuration, which i did, and it recomends me to turn up the details in the game, only problem is, EVERYTHING IS MAXED!!. yup every available option is at the highest setting or on and it still says I should turn it up more, for those of you that are going to ask what I have it running at, 1600x1200x32, highest textures, all effects on, NO V-sync,(has an option in the game) triple buffering, Ansiotropic filtering(also setting ingame) Enviroment Mapping,Polygrid Fresnel(makes the water shine and more realistic) polygrid BumpMapping and full shadows.
Powered by a XP1800, 512 pc2100 and GF4 4400(30.82 drivers)
WinXP(no sp1)

Still playing the first mission in SP, only found 1 server in MP and the ping to it was 15,000 something.
Anyway, so far I like it but to early really to tell, something I noticed and like is that you can build up your charactor by gathering intelligence, gives ya little RPG kinda thing.

I grab some screenshots and postem later.
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