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Default Re: Please recommend alternatives to iPhone4 as upgrade from 3GS?

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
Glad you like it. Android really is a lot better than what most haters make it out to be in terms of how "ugly" it is. For a real techie it's treat being able to customize something to the extent that it allows.

As far as battery life I can expect ~10 hours of moderate use, 24 hours of never touching the thing, or 4 hours of wifi teather + gps + playing pandora (I actually did this a few times on ski-trips.... 3 hour car rides while my sister and roomate are using the connection to tether, using GPS, and we had it plugged into my car for music).
Ouch. I don't use my phone much but the D2 will last around 4 days if you don't mess with it. It will get at least a day or two if it isn't in service. Not exactly sure how long it would last in your last scenario but I'd guess it wouldn't be much more than that with that many things on.
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