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Default Re: palit 3gb gtx 580 card

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Holy crap this custom cooler design is flawed It's by far the worst cooler I've ever used since they went Dual Slot.

They should have used the reference cooler! Never had any issues with those, even with a X-Fi sandwiched right between the SLI'd cards.

But not even that is possible with this POS cooler. For example, if I use two cards in SLI and place the Xonar right below the bottom card, that card runs 12C hotter than the top card! The top card has 2 free slots to breath in this case. If I place the Xonar above the Palit, temperatures are equal (1 PCI/PCIe slot breath room per card).

Did quite some testing today and Tri-SLI seems impossible to run in a normal configuration with a closed case. Luckily 2-way SLI works fine and I can at least use the 3GB VRAM. That's what I'll probably end up using.
I'm going to keep the 3rd card anyway until the Crysis 2 Demo hits

If they would fit with SLI and your sound card.
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