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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
You can do all of that on android.

You can do all of that over wifi on android, or wired, your choice Even sync with itunes over wifi. Though I personally hate itunes as its a bloated piece of garbage, you have a choice of using that or something else. Note that somebody tried to make this possible with iphone, but apple rejected it for some reason. Google doesn't reject anything on android however.

That's another nice thing about android is ALL apps are available from ONE app store. On iphone you have to jailbreak and get half of your apps from cydia, other half from apple app store. On android regardless of whether or not the app requires root, it can be made available on the android market.
I wasn't aware of any mobileme sync apps or even an aperture/itunes sync app on android. What are their names, I know someone who can benefit from those.
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