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Default Re: Need libGL / libglx / -glcore compiled w/o CMOV

Also, the C3 doesn't support the "sfence" instruction. That's why it's dying for me right now:

(gdb) disass 0x2884dc80 0x2884dca0
Dump of assembler code from 0x2884dc80 to 0x2884dca0:
0x2884dc80: shll $0xa,0x24(%esp)
0x2884dc85: mov 0x24(%esp),%edx
0x2884dc89: or %edx,%eax
0x2884dc8b: mov %eax,0x4(%esi)
0x2884dc8e: sfence
0x2884dc91: mov 0x2c(%edi),%esi
0x2884dc94: mov %ebp,0x74(%edi)
0x2884dc97: test %esi,%esi
0x2884dc99: je 0x2884dcb0
0x2884dc9b: xor %edx,%edx
0x2884dc9d: lea 0x0(%esi),%esi

[edit: This crash happened in the driver proper: I could probably hand-patch these to NOPs, but if someone would be nice enough to make an official build, that'd be great. Thaaaanks. </lumberg>]
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