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Default Re: Huge problems with Adobe Flash

Originally Posted by one_and_only View Post
Could you upload somewhere that version (if it's not against the license) cause my release of chromium - 11.0.672.2 doesn't have included flash (i guess it's Gentoo's policy).
OK, i got it from official Google release. But still, with this version: 10.2 r154 i got "undefined video rendering" on youtube and kinda high cpu usage (about 60%), when with first release with vdpau support I got cpu usage <5%. I got "hardware acceleration" enabled and EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 in mms.config. I'm on 64-bit platform and using nsplugin wrapper with the latest chromium: 11.0.672.2. Same CPU usage on Firefox
As stated above, the r154 version behaves exactly as the 10.1 cpu usage wise, probably the display methods are the same too. The buggy stage video is disabled in it somehow for good. The mms.cfg file has no influence on it.

The idea here is to have a *working* 10.2 flash player.
If you want low cpu usage, use the standard Adobe 152, but i personally have tons of problems with that one.

BTW, does anyone have tried this plugin with Ati cards (HD 4xxx)?
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