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Default Re: What OS is better.

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
I voted iOS because of the Apps and it just seems smoother, faster. Every Android phone I have played with, including the Evo and Samsung seemed sluggish and buggy and even their owners said so.

Great hardware on these phones and the Samsung OLED screen is amazing but they scrolled and swiped through screens rather sluggishly.
Most of the apps that supposedly are smoother and faster were probably developed on iOS first and then ported over. Native Android apps don't really have this issue.

iOS certainly does have a little more polished feel to it, but it doesn't compare to WinMo 7 honestly. Having played around with WinMo, I have to say, Microsoft did a fantastic job with the overall "feel" and smoothness. My pet peeves with iOS (lack of widgets, customizability, ability to change things around and all that) still exist, especially widgets.

And STILL no Flash
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