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Default Re: What OS is better.

Originally Posted by Roliath View Post
I wasn't aware of any mobileme sync apps or even an aperture/itunes sync app on android. What are their names, I know someone who can benefit from those.
There are three that I know of (four if you count my preferred method, which isn't automatic, but works well for my purposes,) and maybe more.

The first one is winamp, which does itunes sync (and I think non itunes as well) and has even a really nice player, and handles all of the wifi sync from top to bottom. Best of all, it's free. I'm not certain if it does any additional itunes libraries (e.g. photos, videos) but it may as it claims full itunes sync:

Another one is called TuneSync, which is a non-itunes alternative, and I think costs $2.99:

And lastly is doubleTwist, which syncs all itunes libraries, including music, pictures, podcasts, videos, and some other stuff that itunes does. I think this one is $4.99.

Personally my preferred method is to setup my phone with a samba share, and access it by simply opening up the start menu and typing \\jjdphone and I immediately get access to my sdcard contents, where I can just drag and drop files at will. No special programs to run or anything, and I can do it from any computer (even mac or linux) so long as it is on the same wireless network. Or I can even use my phone to create a wireless network, complete with internet access over the 3g network, that the computer can connect to.
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