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Default Mouse Cursor Size >40 causes graphical corruption of mouse cursor + trails

I have this problem that may be a bug:

When my mouse cursor size is greater than 40 (I have bad vision and use 48 most of the time), and while using compiz, when dragging windows the mouse cursor is surrounded by a square of of garbage and leaves trails, and the cursor glitches and/or disappears when it mouseovers links in a webpage:
Example of glitching and trails.

Reducing mouse cursor size to 40 or below fixes the problem.

Here's my Xorg.0.log:

Here's my output:

Brief overview of the computer:
AMD Phenom II x3
Geforce GTS 250 512 MB
Arch x86-64, up to date with nvidia-260.19.36-2
Launching compiz from fusion-icon

It looks like maybe there is a maximum size for mouse cursors in the nvidia driver, or maybe the hardware mouse cursor buffer is too small for larger cursors.

Is there some setting that will fix this problem, or is this a bug I should report?


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