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Default Re: Which EVGA GTX 560 to get?

Yeah, that is certainly why I'm planning to go with EVGA. I had bought the base model on Saturday since they were out of the overclocked.

Even with my ancient overclocked E6600 3.4Ghz I was able to run every game I had at the max settings. Don't flog me, but even in the Crysis 2 beta I was consistently running at about 40-60FPS. I only run at 1280x720 resolution however since I game on my 37'' LCD TV, but even setting it to 1920x1080 it was butter smooth. Occasionally it would dip down to 25FPS on a few specific scenes. I'm shocked at how quiet the card is too with it's stock cooler. Almost couldn't even hear it until I've been gaming a while. Even then it was something I would have to really listen for.
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