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Default Re: CPU requirement for GTX 580?

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Same here and little did I know that I could run it 24/7 at 850 core and 2103 mem. That makes it as fast or damn close to a stock 580. It is a loud mother though. I want to get one of those zalman vf series coolers for it because they really curbstomp the stock cooler but I am also thinking sli by getting another 480 and that cooler may not give me clearance to run sli. Geesh.. 2x 480's would be very loud and hot I bet. Now I could run that cooler on the lower card but again I would still have one loud 480..
Look up reviews on the cooler in my sig on the 480. $60 well spent. temps never breach 64c while gaming with fans at 50%.

Fans at 85% are still silent and temps never go above 55c. So worth it.
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