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Default Re: CPU requirement for GTX 580?

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
Look up reviews on the cooler in my sig on the 480. $60 well spent. temps never breach 64c while gaming with fans at 50%.

Fans at 85% are still silent and temps never go above 55c. So worth it.
Thanks man. Clearance for SLI is my main concern. With this 2600k at 4.6 the 480 is the bottleneck. No kidding, 10 mhz boost on core (which is just on the outskirts of unstableville for this card) give an increase of a couple fps on the min fps side (the most important side) on just about every game I have benched. The cpu is yawning at my 480 even at 850 core and 2103 mem!

Need to update sig. That 4.8 didnt turn out to be stable. The new i7 chips are really weird. It can be stable in a game at 4.8 all day long but bsod in IE or firefox ?!?!?! Others report the same. Prime stable 12hrs only to have it BSOD in word and have to back off one multi step or up the volts !! hahah
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