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Default Re: Got new speakers need a new reciver.

I have this showing up hopefully tomorrow.

Price was too good to pass up. I'm not really that anal about my home theater's audio to be honest. From everything I've read about this one, it's pretty good bang for the buck.

Anything with HDMI though would make me happy as my old school harman kardon AVR7000 only has component video. I've been using a 3 way HDMI splitter and 2-> 1 optical audio splitter and do this elaborate switching around to go from home theater pc to DVR box to the consoles and if I wanted to play console, I have to physically swap the hdmi and optical cables from one to the other.

I think I'll probably be plenty happy... especially since it has the DTS master track HD audio for the blurays. A buddy of mine said it's like going from standard def tv to HDTV only for what you hear.

My dad has the same receiver with his HSU bookshelf speakers and sub and it sounds really good (though I'm sure most of that has to do with the HSU stuff)
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