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Default Re: 2GB GTX560 SLi Surround benches

I ran some of the benches with GTX480 SLi for comparison. 560 results standard text, 480 results in italics:

Mafia 2 In game bench
AA Off, Physx Off: 66.5 fps ave 75.2 fps ave
AAOff, PhysX High: 32.5 fps ave 32.6 fps ave
AA Off, PhysX Med: 36.9 fps ave
3D Vision On, AA Off, PhysX Off: 26.3 fps ave 36.2 fps ave
3D Vision On, AA Odd, PhysX Off, Ambient Occlusion Off, Shadows Low: 31.0fps ave

Just Cause 2 Dark Tower bench
3D Vision On: 27.56 fps ave 36.93 fps ave
0X AA: 65 fps ave
2X AA: 61.84 fps ave
4X AA: 58.61 fps ave 75.47 fps ave

Far Cry 2 Ranch Small bench
3D Vision On, 2X AA On: 38fps ave/58 fps max/32 fps min
3D Vision On, 0X AA: 40fps ave/58fps max/37 fps min 40fps ave/59 max/39 min
4X AA 76fps ave/104 fps max/ 57 fps min 74 fps ave/104 fps max/58 fps min

The 480GTX SLi results above definitely show the 560 SLi's value as a Surround solution. The 480s had a 30%+ advantage on 3d Vision Surround at Mafia2 and Just Cause2. My guess is I'm CPU limited at Far Cry2 as it benches the same with GTX560 SLi or GTX480 SLi.
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