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Default Re: Backup an Android phone, how?

syncing android is such a pain, I really can't believe how bad it still is.

Yesterday got the phone charged and ready, then noticed that motorola claims their motoblur service can sync contacts, i though great let try it.

On motoblur website, it asked for vcard file, so I got that exported from outlook for one contact and the only data that was "synced" was name and telephone. Everything else like Address, e-mail, picture, birthdate, fax etc.. was ignored.

After googling for a while I found MyPhone Explorer, actually quite a interesting app, but it required to enable USB debugging mode, what ever that does. It managed to sync contacts better then first method, since it actually synced name, phone and address, and again rest was ignored.

It completly failed to sync calendar, when it claimed it did.

HTC seems to be on the right track with their HTC sync tool, but it only works with few HTC phones

Next on my list is to try The Missing Sync, maybe that works better.

For such a "mature" platform this is one big mess. Even Apple was able to provide this feature for their Iphone, google should be ashamed.

With Apple you have to install the horrible Itunes to do this, but atleast your data is not being stored on some server somewhere.
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