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Default Re: Backup an Android phone, how?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
syncing android is such a pain, I really can't believe how bad it still is.
Your phone doesn't have exchange support? My HTC Evo does and I'm using cyanogen (which is modified AOSP so no HTC specific stuff is on it - just a vanilla android phone, just the way I prefer it.)

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
You know that is done automatically when you sign into your Google account right?

Apps, contacts, settings. Everything is instantly synced. No need to use any third party programs.
Not quite. What is backed up is what apps you downloaded from the market, and your contacts. What isn't backed up is the application data, apps that you've installed from outside the market (e.g. swype, or one of the many development apps on xda,) and your desktop layout.

Say for example you played angry birds for hours on end and made some big progress in that game. Get a new phone, or want to change roms so you need to wipe? Sorry but your save data is gone.

Titanium Backup takes care of all of that on the other hand.
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