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Default Xorg hangs with GTX580

I've been trying to get the most out of my new GTX580 but I keep banging into walls. When I play something for more than a few minutes, it starts to lock up. I mostly experience this with Wine but today I've started having issues with Minecraft too.

The system is a i7 920 on a X58 chipset with a Nvidia GTX 580.

I've tried both version 260.19.36 and 270.26 of the driver. Without any empirical data to back it up, 260.* seems slightly worse than 270.*. It crashes harder and longer. 270.26 wakes up after a minute but 260 keeps dipping back into a nasty locked up state.

I ran X with -logverbose 6 today to generate some logs when the problem is happening. I've attached the latest which was after about five minutes of minecraft. Taken mid-lockup.

I've seen other posts going on about /proc/mtrr and how you "need" everything to be write-back or write-combined but I'm not buying that because a) it's never been an issue before and b) I've seen equal numbers of forum posts (from forum staff) claiming mtrr isn't used directly anymore.

I assume something like this will get taken care of by newer drivers, but until then, any suggestions?
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