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Default Re: Wireless HD signal from my cable box

Originally Posted by lduguay View Post
Bluetooth has not enough bandwidth for HDMI. Even Bluetooth 3.0 at 24Mbps is way too slow for HDMI (4.95-10.2 Gbps). There are some custom wireless HDMI TVs from Panasonic and Sony and probably others too.
I am confused on this so I am hoping to get clarification. If a device can transfer 24Mbps, the question is whether or not it will have enough bandwidth to transfer a 1080p signal. The math:

Most movies are longer than an hour and a half, but lets use 90 minutes as an example to see if it can handle the large data transfer in a shorter time frame. 90*60 = 5400 seconds at a rate of 24Mbps = 129600 MB in 90 min.

There are 1024 MB in each GB, so this is 126 GB of data that can be transmitted by a BlueTooth 3.0 device in 90 minutes. Most BluRay rips are 8 GB or so. The most I have seen for one movie is 14 GB for a 1080p bluray rip. Even at 14 GB size, a BlueTooth 3.0 device should have the ability to send much more data than what the 1080p signal requires.

The poster above says that BlueTooth is too slow. Is it really?
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