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Default Re: Xorg hangs with GTX580

Originally Posted by bones_was_here View Post
Don't hold your breath. My 275 gradually got more stable with driver updates, but after several years still isn't fixed, and there's no indication it ever will be. Some acknowledgement of all these hang/crash bug reports would at least be something. I got no response to the one I emailed, not even an automated 'ticket created' or similar message.

It's strange that nice things like the VDPAU implementation and the HDMI audio documentation are released, while severe problems with basic functionality remain.
The hard thing is that not every system is the same. I have 8200 IGP's, 8800GT's, GTX-275's and the GTX-580's and have had trouble free operation with them without having to hack stuff together (many older cards as well). I've even had other peoples "troublesome" cards and have used them in my systems with no lockups or items they were experiencing. Far to often I have found that those "troublesome" cards were displaying a symptom of a problem that laid elsewhere in the system (most commonly mb or power supply).
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