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Originally Posted by Skinner View Post
a 560 is no match for a HD6970, its not even close, and in CF two HD6970's are allmost as fast as GTX580 SLI and faster in a few.

I went from two GTX480's to HD6970 CF due the noise and the extra frame buffer and most of my games are running faster although I really miss DX10/11 SSAA
The comparison isn't exactly fair though, because you're comparing NVIDIA's 2nd or 3rd place GPU* (GTX480) to AMDs fastest GPU that launched 8 or 9 months later.

I've never seen any information that shows VRAM usage above 1.5GB for your resolution of 19X12.

Of the 11 games tested in this review, only Crysis comes close to using 1.5GB at 19X12 4X AA:

*depending on the game
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