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Default How to disable dithering on NV Qaudro FX

X.Org server 1.6.5
SLED 11 SP 1 ker.
NVdriver 260.19.36

very bad performance out of "PCoIP - KVM extension" when using NV Qaudro FX 380/580 cards. The cards are OK when connected directly without PCoIP part.

The problem seems to be related to dithering - frequent unnecessary screen updates.
How can I permanently disable dithering?
How to check the state of dithering?
I have tried following with no success:
nvidia-setting utility:
GPU-0 - DFP-0 - Dithering Controls - Dithering Auto (switch to disabled)
it keeps on being auto - How to save disabled option?
configuration of xorg.conf
Section “Screen”
Identifier ...
Device ...

Option "Dac8Bit" "False"
Option "RegistryDwords" "DitherAlgo8=3; DitherAlgo6=3"
It does not work for me.

regards V.
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