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Default Partition Merge Question

After I merged Drive C and Drive D together with Acronis Disk Director Home 11 I ended up with Drive C that is the correct size and seems to be okay, but a Drive D (cd drive) shows up now between the four partitions I used to have. Info below.

What I started with.

Drive C (P1) - WinXP SP3
Drive D (P2) - WinXP SP3 ( I deleted everything on this drive before merging)
Drive E (P3) - Win7
Drive F (p4) - Games

I mereged Drive C and D (partition 1 and 2) and now I show this.

Drive C (P1) - WinXP SP3 (is now the correct size for merging p1 and p2)
Drive D (??) - (CD drive which I cannot access of course)
Drive E (P2) - Win7
Drive F (P3) - Games

Here's what GDISK32 shows

gdisk32 1 /status
Disk Partitions Cylinders Heads Sectors Mbytes Model
1 3 77825 255 63 610480.3 WDC WD6401AALS-00L3B2

Partition Status Type Volume Label Mbytes System Usage
C: 1 A PRIMARY 206005.4 NTFS/HPFS 34%
E: 2 PRIMARY 103002.7 NTFS/HPFS 17%
F: 3 PRIMARY 301469.8 NTFS/HPFS 49%
Everything seemed to work okay except now I have a Drive D that shows up as a CD Drive which I can't access. I suppose I should have deleted partition 2 and expanded partiton 1.

Does anyone know what the left over unwanted drive is and how to get rid of it?
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