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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Im definately Pre ordering. As far as im concerned, if this IS going to be a true successor to BF2 then what we are looking at is PC GOTY 2011 (or at the very least FPS GOTY).

Forget COD, the game has been milked more times than a 100 year old cow and the arrival of sledgehammer games to 'help' out IW for the next CoD shows that the once found awesomeness of CoD went with Jason West and Vince Zampella.

Jets, Choppers, APC's, 64 player maps, more destruction than BFBC2, better visuals by far, PC lead platform, new lighting system that looks awesome, prone and crawl, self viewing (you aim down and you can see your feet and legs), more attention to detail were weapons and damage are concerned and an expansion pack that features 4 of the original BF2 maps.

Bye CoD...No seriously, this could be the game that PC gamers have been waiting for...For once we could be getting a game developed for our hardware instead of sloppy ports designed with nothing more than consoles in mind.

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