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Default Re: Xorg hangs with GTX580

Originally Posted by bones_was_here View Post
I've run out of components to replace - tried three mainboards, BIOS upgrades and endless fiddling with settings on each of those boards, three power supplies, swapping RAM, a friend's NVIDIA card, even tried giving the graphics card its own power supply. However, nothing changes - voltages are good, temps are good, and the system remains stable while the NVIDIA card hangs X. I can continuously recompile linux with make -j 12 for several days straight with no problems, no segfaults, nothing in dmesg - even with the CPU overclocked - yet X hangs if I alt+tab out of Nexuiz with a GTX275, and never with a 7600GT. Are X58 chipsets somehow incompatible with modern NVIDIA cards? I'm guessing from NVIDIA's lack of a response that they don't think it's their problem, but what else is left? It happens with any kernel, driver, or X server version.

It is very possible that you are hitting chipset errata. It wouldn't be the first time intel chipset errata has prevented properly running card. *cough* Granite Bay *cough*
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