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Default Re: Xid errors and weird display on GTX 570 after some time

I just ran into a similar issue as well. Not sure what triggered it, must have been ProjectM my music visualizer. Nothing to see in my Xorg this time surprisingly. I did not have logverbose 6 active at the time tho. Not sure how I could recreate this issue, I was able to ALT+F4 out and then ALT+F7 back into Gnome and everything went back to normal. At the beginning of the crash I had ProjectM minimized with Firefox open with many tabs and a paused Youtube tab as well. I am also using Flash 10.2 so they may have something to do with this as well. During the crash it seemed as though the screen could not refresh and HDMI audio began to glitch as well. (GTX480, Integrated HDMI audio). Been having many other issues with this latest beta driver lately, this is the third different error Ive had in as many weeks. Worst part is due to all these errors, almost all graphical apps are liable to crash at any point. Plz Nvidia devs help!!
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