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Default Re: LG TV no video when no audio; when audio active, video works

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Interesting finding, kumy.

Can you check what happens if you save the EDID from the "broken" TV (use nvidia-settings, go to the pane for the display, and click "Acquire EDID" to save a file) and force it on the "working" TV (use the CustomEDID X config option for this; e.g. 'Option "CustomEDID" "DFP-1:/path/to/edid.bin"' in the "Screen" section, obviously replacing DFP-1 with whatever your HDMI port is - see Appendix B of the README for more details)

The same experiment in reverse (supplying the "working" TV's EDID to the "broken" TV) would be interesting as we..
Isn't this kind of the same thing as my test with the HDMI splitter? Regardless of whether the nvidia driver thought it was driving the Panasonic or the LG based on the EDID, the Panasonic always worked right and the LG always needed the audio to get the video working. That seems like the same kind of thing as getting an EDID for a different TV and using it on the LG.
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