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Default Re: Bug Report: Hard crash (freeze) with nVidia GTX 460

I'm getting the exact same kind of locks on my system since upgrading to a GA-P67A-UD7, i7 2600K, and 16GB of RAM. This uses the Intel P67 chipset. I upgraded from an nForce 6 mobo, Core 2 Duo E6600, 4GB RAM where everything was stable.

I'm using Arch Linux x64, kernel and nvidia driver 260.19.36. I have a GTX 285 -- *NOT* a 400/Fermi series card.

The locks are hard locks, and the machine will generally not respond to any input and I cannot ssh in. Occasionally the lights on my USB devices will also go off. My logs are blank on the matter, nothing unusual appears.

The locks seem to occur most often while triggering drawing operations or using VDPAU -- definitely video-related things. I do intensive video operations successfully with some frequency, including playing TF2 on WINE and sauerbraten, and these have yet to crash on me. The crashes generally occur in low usage scenarios, like playing a (Flash) YT video, playing video from mplayer with VDPAU (crashed twice now), or redrawing a browser window's contents (zooming the page). Locks have occurred a few times while the machine was idle.

The locks generally occur once within a 24-48 hour period, though occasionally (today, for instance), locks are within a few hours of each other. I have tweaked the settings in my BIOS several times, activating and deactivating different power-saving features, and this hasn't helped much. I am using the F7 BIOS, and this helped a little, but not a lot. As more crashes have occurred, I've been suspecting a possible video problem, as drawing operations seem to cause the bulk of the problems.

I've only used Windows for about twenty minutes since the upgrade at the beginning of Feb, but had no problems.

I use awesomewm 3.4.9 and cairo 1.10.2 with xcb enabled. I am not running any compositors or anything like that.

I have not tried any video-specific remedies yet, and will attach a bug report momentarily. Thereafter, I will first try to disable PowerMizer, then try a downgrade to 2.6.36, since most of the problems seem related to 2.6.37, and if that doesn't work, I will try to use nouveau for a while and see if I get issues with that. I may also try to force myself to use Windows for a day, but I doubt that will go over well.

It seems that newer chipsets may have a problem. Anyone have more info on their chipset or recency of stuff? Also, if this is a recent kernel issue in 36 or 37, most users are not using these kernels yet so the problems would not be widespread. Overall the problem seems to be a bad interaction between the hardware on newer mobos, kernels, and nvidia driver.
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