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Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I have played in several of the beta's I think overall it is a polished game ready for release, and is fun in beginning.

But i think the problem just like almost all new is not different enough from what is out there to really keep me from playing long term.

Truth is not since days of original EQ/UO/AC/WoW, to me nothing will ever get me addicted like I use to be, because it is the same hashed over and over again, with different names, and a few differences here and there.
That is exactly how I see it. I am having fun with this game but when I hit max level will I still want to play it? My guess is no but it is up to Trion to make me stay with more content.

The game has had a pretty flawless release so far, unless you count not being able to log in in under an hour. LMAO! They are opening new servers all the time. My advice is NEVER log out once you get on. Seriously once you get on the game is almost perfect.

I will say the biggest problem with the game is the stupid people complaining about the Rifts. Um, that is the point of the game. They wanted to interrupt your normal quest grinding with some actualy world events to get you to be drawn into the world. If you don't like that then don't play Rift.

BTW I was the first player on my shard to get "cotton britches". LMAO! A crafting item and when I got them it sent out a server wide notice that I got them first. A lot of eewwwing and ahhhing i'll tell ya. Nothing like a green item to get ur juices flowing.
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