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Default Re: Partition Merge Question

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
"Drive D that shows up as a CD Drive which I can't access. "

what do you mean you can't access? do you mean you don't have a physical cd-rom? could it be a virtual drive? do you have daemon tools, nero, alcohol, virtualcd etc... installed?

post a screenshot from device manger with dvd/cd-rom drivers expanded,
and disk management
I found out what it was before I checked in today, and you're right, it was a virtual cd. A long time ago I used PowerISO to create a virtual cd and that's what it was. Nothing was in the virtual cd so I couldn't access it. I do have a physical cd, or a blu-ray. It's the Pioneer BD-205 you recommended to me. I love that thing. So thanks for both times.

EDIT: I should have made it clear in my first post that I had a physcial cd and it worked okay, but the inserted cd after the merge as Drive D didn't work. Of course now that I know it was a virtual cd it makes sense what happened. It's a bummer when you get in your 60s and your brain goes away. Help me I've fallen down and I can't think
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