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Default Re: ***Official Gran Turismo 5 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Idd, sad though that the engine sounds are so much worse than forza3
Yes I have noticed that.

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Sadly that is one of the very few things it does better. Lack of basic ff/rr in replays is just plain retarded.
Yea honestly so far I prefer the gameplay of FM3. FM3 did a fantastic job of increasing difficulty and prizes/cash with your level, so as you progressed you weren't hung out to dry with nowhere to go like you often are in GT5, causing you to race previously won races continuously just to make money.

Also, WTF with the cars? There are like 1500 cars in GT5, but you can only purchase about 300? That leaves me at the mercy of the stupid used car dealership, which rotates but 99% of the time it sells ****ty cars.

Also, now when I win a championship, I can't sell the car? WHY? And furthermore, they don't even award you the prize car if you win the championship again. That really pisses me off.


The actual driving is nice, but everything surrounding it is off. It's like they completely ignored everything that made the previous games like GT3 and GT4 great.
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