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I LOL'D at that part too!

Seriously this is one of the finest examples of what can be done with the unreal engine as I've ever seen. The cityscapes are absolutely mind blowing. The scale of everything is so over the top awesome it's almost too much to comprehend. The whole giant mining wheel chase that is in the preview videos part was sick and the giant godzilla scene was quite possibly one of the most epic things I've ever witnessed.

This game is over the top fun. Plot isn't really anything to write home about, the general's dialog is like they took a wheel with all the curse words on it, gave it a spin and then filled in one of those ad lib books from back in the day with random curse words when writing his script.

But yeah aside from the fairly thin plot and comically bad dialog, this is easily one of the most entertaining action games I've played in a long time. The weapons, leash, kick, etc all feel very powerful like they are doing serious damage, the combo killing and skill kills are really cool and even after killing relatively the same enemies over and over, it never seems to get old. Whipping someone at you with the leash, kicking them, blowing their head off and then watching their body fly into a bunch of exposed rebar spikes never loses it's charm.

And I had a grin from ear to ear through the whole "remote control pet" sequence That was just too cool.

Also, I think that the game FEELS like a more polished gears of war game. same engine and all but the whole fighting, shooting and killing mechanics all feel very similar. The power behind the weapons firing and the way the character moves all feels very similar only a bit better in just about every way.
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