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So it's a fun game. Needed a few tweaks in the INI for me to find it playable. Max smoothed FPS = 120, disabled mouse smoothing, etc. Typical Unreal 3 stuff.

I'm really tired of U3 games that give me a headache with the way they play though. Its sad that consoles are still holding us back with this old engine that lacks native AA and is capped at 62 fps. Its so evident that this engine is the best that consoles can handle since the PC chews it up and spits it out at 4 times the fps the console does. I'm to the point where I hate the engine and cringe when I see the logo.

Gameplay-wise its a cross between GOW and Serious Sam. The whip and kick are cool additions and once you get the hang of them, its a complete aerial-bourne carnage game.

U3 should be retired and buried now. I've seen enough.
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