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Default Re: DVI & HDMI Audio Simultaneously ? On GT430

A partial answer to my previous question -

Audio will be sent to BOTH HDMI and DVI when -
- Two "screens" are connected from the graphics cards perspective (one may actually be a receiver)
- The screens are cloned
- Digital audio over HDMI is enabled (in linux ALSA digital controls must all (? 4) be enabled)

In my case, there is an additional constraint -
- HDMI must be connected to the receiver
- DVI connected to the TV

Under these conditions there is sound on both the DVI and HDMI cables. Both the TV and the receiver play the audio.

There may be something about my setup since I'm in a PAL country. The receiver wants a 50hz signal (interlaced, as it's an older receiver which cannot process progressive 1080/60p) whereas the TV's native refresh rate is 60hz and it can process 1080/60p.

So for the GT430 there is support for audio over DVI ... and simultaneous HDMI and DVI audio

If anyone has additional insight I'd be grateful
System: A8N-E AMD x2 4200+ 1GB 6600GT AV710
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