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Default Re: Looking for a tablet

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Android may have smaller numbers when it comes to apps, however Android apps are far more robust and have far more capability of expansion than iOS apps. For example, want to implement an innovative new feature? On Android you can just go straight for it. On iOS, if the feature is too innovative, or in fact just plain "why didn't somebody do this before" obvious Apple will say no.
Apple is more closed off no doubt, I won't argue with that. I also won't argue the fact that Android has great ideas when it comes to the straight OS. Heck, I love Android, I don't have anything against it besides the lack of certain apps. I'd love to have NBA Jam on my Droid but that may never happen. I'd like to have Instagram but who knows when that will happen, it's been on iOS for a while. Wunderlist is still weeks away if I'm lucky, it's been on iOS for a while.

If an app needs root access on android? No problem, feel free to publish it in the Android market, anybody can download it all they want and Google will encourage it in fact. This leads to many really nice apps such as being able to access your sdcard as a standard smb/cifs file share over wifi.

Want these things on iPhone? Sorry but you have to surf the internet and find it yourself. And if you're a developer and want to charge money for such an app that apple forbids, you're hugely open to piracy.
I've got my Droid rooted and I love using custom ROMs, especially Ultimate Droid. I've never owned an iPhone so I dunno what iOS offers with the jailbreak community.

Not only all of this, but most apps on Android are free or cost a lot less than their iOS counterparts. There's no fee to publish apps, and best of all, they can be developed on any platform, no need to buy a new macintosh just to write one app. So the developer can pass that savings on to you, and by and large, they do exactly that.

Bottom line is that when it comes to apps, everything iOS can do, Android can do better, and it can do more things. iOS merely has numbers (and some of these are e.g. multiple fart apps to choose from.)
Android does the rooted scene a lot better, but it doesn't account for the apps that iOS has and Android doesn't right now. To each his own when it comes to phone OS's, but each has pros and cons.
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