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Default Re: "[mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop."

Originally Posted by cheechr1 View Post
Bump. Would really be nice to be able to run graphical apps again.. can we get this issue looked at by Nvidia devs please?
Oh well, i think we got the culprit at least, thanks to Dizzle7677:
*the bug:
*the culprit: Logitech USB devices ( i have a keyboard, all the attached logs in this thread show a Logitech device ) or CHESEN USB
*the fix: compile xserver yourself go to /xserver/mi/mieq.c and adjust #define QUEUE_SIZE 512 to something like 2048 or 4096

with this in mind, i'll want to mess around with PowerTop a bit since this might me something related to the way USB devices are suspended/resumed
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