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Originally Posted by YodaStar View Post
Seems that despite being a gimped demo it looks damn good, far better than any other non PC game and better than most PC games while pushing respectable tech. Gameplay might be hit or miss but it's IMO enjoyable once yo uget a hang of it. Ofcourse noobs might get butthurt when they try to play it like COD. It also performs really good.

Ofcourse for me it is more about the singleplayer. It's also respectable console managed to do graphics like the LOW settings. Best looking console game and most likley will be the best looking on PC at higher settings.

U mad brah?
best looking game.....AHA! id expect nothing less from you. no need to even argue this ridiculousness, the myriad of screenshots do it all for me. the graphics are the very definition of mediocre/average/bleh and the game itself is complete blowhard
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