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Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
facts? clearly not since the general opinion across the most popular gaming forums is that this game is trash and the graphics are lame. i cant even decide whether or not this looks better than black ops after looking at some screen comparisons
Oh I didn't know you where talking about the 360 demo, go figure. Carry on brah. Though Black Ops looks blurry as hell on consoles, 1024x600 res lolwut!

Wow thanks for comparision pics, BLOPS sure looks like **** compared to C2 demo. So much prebaking it looks fake and static. Does it even have realtime soft shadows, hows the OBM, why no godrays?

I like these one btw.

This you can see Bokeh DOF!

This one is goooood to, such lighting dayyuum!

These ones are crazy though.. it's LOW setting.. LOW!

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