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Default Re: Crysis 2 only DX9 - DX11 will be "later"

Wasn't it CoJ that came out DX9, but was later patched to DX10- and that patched upped the IQ quite significantly?

If it works out the same with Crysis 2 I have no bones with this. Think about it- the patch wont be for consoles in the slightest- it is entirely devoted to the PC platform alone. If it'll bring about drastic increase in IQ then fine by me.

When I think of Crysis I think of a game that's got in-game visuals so detailed and realistic (for the time) that it makes current top-end rigs scream, cry, and beg for mercy. If this patch ups the visuals to that point, I'll not complain.

Crytek started out with PCs, I'm not gonna' lose faith in them yet. Still not buying it till it drops in price... but I do plan on buying it none-the-less.
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