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Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
The log in times have been cut in half. Really it isn't a problem... that is it wasn't the last 3 days. Now today is the 1st and it officially starts. We shall see when I get on tonight if I have an hour wait.

I still have this feeling I will get bored of this game in the upper levels or in the end game. It is a gut reaction to all the games in the past that I have lost interest in. So I'm not very confident on that issue.

On a good note, I will say the game feels like it has been out for over a year with how stable and bug free it is. I give them major kudos on putting out a very polished product and they seem to really want to please their customers. Time will tell though.
I feel the same way, I really like the game now, but I am unsure for how long. We'll see, so far it's a solid, polished game and the best MMO since WoW in 2004.
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