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Never because they're so much "smarter"

It's amazing they still compete with Android, though, considering Android has so much more freedom and support.

iPad 2 looks pretty nice, though. And the price is pretty nice for the hardware. Not a bad job by Apple. Now if they could only fix that gimped iOS.

I think the biggest issue is a two-fold issue.

1 - "Apple hype machine" How many other companies can create the hype Apple can? Not a lot.

2 - People who get the iPad (Like my dad for example) just want it to work. They could care less about freedom, etc. That's why they do it.

Also - I'm not touting Apple iPad as being all-awesome. It has huge flaws, certainly. But again, for common people who don't know what technology is, they see this and go for it, I think.
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